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Description : Honda Aviator is nothing but the first Honda scooter in India to be equipped with front disc brake. The design of the Aviator is the majot concern that pulls back many to own such a featured sooter. It is true that the Aviator is the best among all three Honda scooters in the country. It has a better ergonomics which is all essential above all specifications and features to have a comfortable drive through out. The Aviator is wedded with a 109cc, 4-Stroke , Single cylinder, Air cooled,OHC engine. It generates maximum power of 5.71 KW @ 8000 rpm and maximum torque of 0.9 Kg-m @ 5500 rpm. It has the same V-matic transmission, which is used in the Activa and the Dio.
MinimumBooking Time(Hr) : 4 Hr (Normal Day) Check for Special
Age Limit : 18 Yr

Price Per 1Hr :Limited Plan( Km ) : 40 ,Unlimited Plan( Km ) : 59 ,

Price Per 24Hr :Limited Plan( Km ) : 650 ,Unlimited Plan( Km ) : 1000 ,

Speed Limit :70 Km/Hr
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