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Description : The FZ Version 2.0 is powered by a freshly designed air-cooled, 149cc single-cylinder engine which benefits from a closed loop fuel injection system. Tweaked to deliver a better fuel efficiency, the engine now produces 13.1bhp of power and 12.8Nm of torque. Developed in line with Yamaha’s new ‘Blue Core’ engine development ideal, Yamaha claims a 14 per cent improvement in fuel economy over the existing FZ series.
MinimumBooking Time(Hr) : 3 Hr
Age Limit : 18 Yr

Price Per 1Hr :Limited Plan( Km ) : 60 ,Unlimited Plan( Km ) : 70 ,

Price Per 24Hr :Limited Plan( Km ) : 850 ,Unlimited Plan( Km ) : 1150 ,

Speed Limit :100 Km/Hr
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